It’s Garage Sale Season!

It’s that time of year! Time for garage sales! 

We are going to hold our great big garage sale tomorrow. Everyone is looking forward to it! All of our helpers are properly prepped and our items are ready to go! Even though the garage sale is tomorrow, we’ve already sold some items and made some money!

If you haven’t already, check out our book The Garage Sale Guide to Success on to see how we  hold profitable and successful garage sales every year!

To celebrate the beginning of garage sale season Co-Author Holli Hagan-Rice has created some free printable garage sale signs for my readers.

Hope you all have a successful garage sale!

They will print out on 8.5 X 11 paper. We recommend using some card stock for stability and a color printer. Use a Sharpie to write in your details!

Free Printable Garage Sale Sign

Free Printable Garage Sale Signs

Garage Sale Sign

Garage Sale Right Arrow

Garage Sale Left Arrow

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    I hope you all made a killing! I just read your “about you” for the first time. I didn’t know that you were so talented! Also, is it just me, or has your blog been revamped lately?

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      We did! I can throw a heck of a party, even if it’s a yard sale! My parents were antique dealers so I got to “play” with all their cast-offs and those are now the “hip” items to have in your home. My Aunt and Uncle were avid yard salers and drug me along so I know how to “pick” as well. Never thought it would be worth anything but my daughter has made it into something that is. She, BTW, is the one who has revamped my page! She’s on maternity leave and has the time. I’m so glad you found my FB page! We can keep up with each other easier that way!!

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    I’m glad your yard sale was such a success! I also love your post about the cans and tins you repurposed as clocks. So cool. I love all the items you can find at yard sales to upcycle into new fabulous things. It seems you’re a pretty big yard-saler, have you heard of the site I use it to map out a route of local yard sales, but you can also advertise your own yard sales on there for free! Thought it might come in handy for you :)

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      Thanks Liz! I should try to use that handy site and map a route………especially with gas the price it is these days because currently, my husband and I just take off from the house and if there is a sale or two I’m particularly interested in we go there first and then drive around finding others. The joke between us is that the ones I want to go to never seem to turn out as great as I anticipate and the ones I’m not all the interested in always do! So, you could say I have a radar…..but in the opposite way! :) Thank you for the info!

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