Flower Cupcakes with Peeps

Flower Cupcakes with Peeps – Kellis Kitchen

I know it’s been a while – but I’ve been having computer trouble.  Something is wrong with the telephone lines around the neighborhood and everyone is having problems.  I was hardly online last week at all!  This weekend I spent all my time with the Peeps!  I have the best recipes to share with you.  The first I am going to share is really more about a process than a recipe.  Have you seen the cupcakes all over Pinterest that have jelly beans and marshmallows sprinkled with colored sugar?  They look like flowers, right?  Well……… I thought mine could have more color than a marshmallow so I used some Peeps and boy did I get color! You can use a special recipe, a box mix, or even buy frosting cupcakes and then using my process you will get these brightly colored flower cupcakes. What do you think?

Flower Cupcakes with Peeps – Kellis Kitchen

First you snip off the ears of the bunnies

Flower Cupcakes with Peeps – Kellis Kitchen

Then you cut them in half.

Flower Cupcakes with Peeps – Kellis Kitchen

Then you cut each little ear in half again.

Flower Cupcakes with Peeps – Kellis Kitchen

After you make the cupcakes and ice them you put the ears (colored side up) around the cupcake in the shape of a flower and you are done!

Flower Cupcakes with Peeps – Kellis KitchenI’m partying here this weekend!


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  1. says

    Gotta love any method that starts with “First you snip the ears off of the bunnies!” I am not a huge fan of Peeps but I can get behind snipping them in bits for decoration. Too cute, Kelli!

    • Kelli says

      I was finally able to get back on tonight……..a whole week pretty much without it. It was an eventful week!

  2. says

    Good Morning Kelli, What a lovely idea, children will love these little Flower Cupcakes. I was reading your profile and I was interested to learn that you learn to cook from your grandmother. I am the same, as my Grandmother, Ivy was my inspiration to cook as was my mother Phyllis. I have really enjoyed my visit, so I have become a new follower with Google + I look forward to many more lovely recipes.
    Best Wishes

    • Kelli says

      Hi Daphne! So glad you came for a visit – and sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I have been without the Internet for a week! Thank you for joining us and please come back many time!!

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