May I Ask a Favor?

March Thrift Challenge

There’s a great blog for repurposing that I follow run by Katie at Something To Be Found. She issued a challenge for March to make any kind of 3-Tiered Stand from thrifted items.

March Thrift Challenge - Kellis Kitchen

I took the challenge and came up with this – I bought the melmac plates for 99 cents each

March Thrift Challenge - Kellis Kitchen

and a bag of Tinker Toys and Blocks –

March Thrift Challenge - Kellis Kitchen

then my friend Jennifer at work gave me the snappy idea to put that red toy on top – turned out pretty cute didn’t it?

Anyway, I only have two vote! Would you please go vote for me here? Something to be Found You do not have to join anything or register for anything just go to the blog, look at all the participant entries – and then, of course decide that MINE is best and vote for me – #2 Kelli. I surely would appreciate a good showing. I worked really hard on it.

While we are on the subject of worked hard – don’t forget to go back one post to my Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Trifle and get in on that great giveaway!!

Thanks for always being so great and welcome to all the new folks who have decided to join us here at Kelli’s Kitchen!

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  1. says

    I would’ve voted for you regardless — but when I selected #2, it was because yours is truly the best. I’m hoping that you’ll return the favor when I’m up for Sexiest Man in America. 😉

  2. Jennifer says

    Yours turned out so cute…love how it looks like one middle piece screwed through all of those plates. Of course I voted for you and it looks like quite a few other fans have shown up as well. Good luck!

    • Kelli says

      Thank you Beth! I really appreciate it – I think voting goes until Sunday so I need to get as many votes as I can!

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