Pepperoni Logs

Pepperoni Logs/Kelli's Retro Kitchen Arts

Are you looking for a portable and tasty dish to make for Super Bowl night or any other party? I believe this will be perfect. It is so easily made and while you could cut them in half for appetizers, you could serve them whole on a buffet. You just can’t be them for good taste!

Pepperoni Logs/Kelli's Retro Kitchen Arts

Just so you know: Mr. Picky-eater will NOT under any circumstances eat something he has never eaten before or that he does not think has been prepared safely…….and yet, he married me!  Any kind of Asian food is verboten – not because he dislikes it, but because he has never tried it.

Here are the ingredients needed to make the Pepperoni Logs:

• Egg Roll Wrappers
• Pepperoni Slices
• Shredded Cheese or a roll of mozzarella cheese
• Cornstarch and water to make a slurry to seal edges

Place pepperoni towards the bottom left corner like this:

Place cheese on top of pepperoni:

Put the slurry on the edges and begin folding:

Keep making your envelope:

Rooooll it on up!

I don’t have a deep fryer. You don’t need one of those, just use a pot. Make sure it comes up to 350 F. degrees:

Let it fry for while on one side, until it is brown enough.

Then flip it over, mine only took about 1 minute on each side but it might take yours longer:

Ta-Da! I’m done! I served it with homemade Ranch Dressing. I made 8 and Mr. Picky-eater ate 5! He loved them – I never said a word about them being made with egg roll wrappers…….Yep, I’m sneaky like that! 

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  1. says

    Ooooohhhhh boy. You know what’s weird, is I went to Guy Fieri’s restaurant, Johnny Garlic’s, a couple days ago and we had this for happy hour! It was more like mozzarella sticks with pepperoni and deep fried, and man was it good! I was thinking about how much I wanted to try it egg-roll style, and here you go and make it. I need some–perhaps 100 of them?–right now!

    • says

      You will love them and they even rock cold – for breakfast! :) I went back to her site and saw some cheeseburger egg roll wrappers – yep, a little bacon mixed in and I would be in heaven! Trying it this weekend.

  2. pamasaurus says

    I love doing different egg rolls. I have dreams of making buffalo chicken ones, but I have to wait until the spice sensitive little one is at her grandparent’s house, haha. I can’t wait to try these ones!!

    • says

      I thought about you – I’m trying to think of a substitute. My daughter’s grandparents on her dad’s side are vegetarian (religious reasons) and surely after 32 years of knowing them I could figure something out…………like ……….black olives! :)


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