Plastic Wipes Container to Toddler’s Crayon Box

Plastic Wipes Container to Toddler’s Crayon Box – Kellis Kitchen


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Do you have a toddler in your life? I do, my grandson Rocket. He loves to color, draw, and “write”. There were crayons and markers all over the house but because of the type of crayons and markers they were, they were very hard to keep organized until I thought of this. It is so easy and takes little time, in fact if you do not care to personalize it, there will be no time involved. But, just in case you do – like me- this is all you will have to do:

Plastic Wipes Container to Toddler’s Crayon Box – Kellis Kitchen

Wash the container inside and out thoroughly. We had a Huggies wipes box.

Plastic Wipes Container to Toddler’s Crayon Box – Kellis Kitchen

Using either Plastic Fusion spray paint or Plastic Primer and then the spray paint color of your choice, cover the outside of the container and allow to completely dry.

You can then decorate – I used some Daniel Tiger stickers on Rocket’s. The stickers cam with some party favors Top Girl ordered for his birthday party.

Plastic Wipes Container to Toddler’s Crayon Box – Kellis Kitchen

Cover with Mod Podge, drying completely.

Plastic Wipes Container to Toddler’s Crayon Box – Kellis Kitchen

Put in the special big crayons, markers and other important items that all toddlers have. Rocket has Crayola My First.

Note: The paint you see on the inside is really on the outside showing through to the inside.

Plastic Wipes Container to Toddler’s Crayon Box – Kellis Kitchen

Organization complete!

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    • Kelli says

      I will be following you now! Be sure to go up a little ways on this post and add your link there so you will really grow your circles!!

  1. says

    This is such a cute idea. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of wipes containers soon. I’m going to definitely do this… it would work well for my craft stuff, too!

    • Kelli says

      You are not going to believe what we got Rocket at a yard sale today: A dinosaur covered sand box/pool from Little Tikes – I know you would love it!

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