Cheesy Bacon Ranch Squash Casserole #Putsomepiginit

Bacon Ranch Squash Casserole #Putsomepiginit – Kellis Kitchen

Welcome to the final day of August AND #baconmonth! This recipe is so tasty and good – yet so awful to photograph. There is so much yellow in it and I just cannot make it look any prettier than this. I suppose if I had made it with zucchini instead of yellow crooked-neck squash it… 

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Bacon Mushroom & Beer Alfredo #baconmonth

Bacon Mushroom & Beer Alfredo #baconmonth – Kellis Kitchen

We are on the final leg of Bacon Month and I have had a ball participating. This is my next to the last post involving bacon. My family will be very disappointed that it is over. Thanks Julie at White Lights on Wednesday, once again, for letting me participate. As usual, below the recipe you… 

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Bacon Salad with Warm Dressing #baconmonth

Bacon Salad with Warm Dressing #baconmonth – Kellis Kitchen

This recipe was the only other recipe I found in the box of pictures attributed to Aunt Betty. The other one was the orange Mandarin cake. Apparently, she liked Mandarin oranges. When I first read the recipe I was a little put off by the dressing but I forged on and you know? It tasted… 

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Bacon and Fig Bread Pudding #putsomepiginit

Bacon and Fig Bread Pudding - Kellis Kitchen

Once again let’s celebrate bacon month – it’s week 3! Thanks Julie from White Lights on Wednesday for putting it on! I wrote this post years ago but it disappeared – so now I have recreated it for #Baconmonth! This is a family favorite. I must confess, my family hates raisins and refuse to eat… 

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Aunt Betty’s Gussied Up Mandarin Orange Cake

Aunt Betty’s Gussied Up Mandarin Cake – Kellis Kitchen

My Aunt Betty was my mom’s oldest sibling. I remember Nana telling me that when she found out mom was going to be born; Betty Jean or “Jane” as some called her was 13-years-old and absolutely mortified! Before mom was 10-years-old Aunt Betty had married a soldier she met in the small town where they… 

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Bacon Ranch & Pimento Cheese Stuffed Veggies #putsomepiginit

Stuffed Veggies #putsomepiginit – Kellis Kitchen

Welcome to Week 2 Day 2 of Bacon Month!! How are you all doing? It’s been lovely weather here for the last couple of days and I have enjoyed it very much. Tomorrow we are back to the mid-90’s so we will be back to sweating again, but Monday and Tuesday were a nice break…. 

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Bacon & Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza #baconmonth

Bacon & Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza #baconmonth – Kellis Kitchen

  Welcome to week two of #baconmonth!  Have you been enjoying it so far?  They have named the winner of last week’s giveaway and if you go back to my week one bacon posts, you will see who won.  For those of you who missed it,  White Lights on Wednesday blog is sponsoring a full… 

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Peach Jelly

Peach Jelly - Kellis Kitchen

  Ahhh…..Sunday evening.  I used to begin dreading Monday on Sunday evenings but now I get to enjoy the full day!  Today I have made several more bacon recipes for our bacon month and Mr. Picky Eater me to make my Nana’s Banana Pudding…………so whew!  I’m beat at this point however I promised those over… 

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Bacon Wrapped Hatch Green Chiles #Baconmonth

Bacon Wrapped Hatch Green Chiles #Baconmonth – Kellis Kitchen

August is Bacon month and it is also when Hatch Green Chiles are harvested! These are two of my favorite things to eat and together – whew, it’s a good night of eating at our house when that happens! I developed this recipe especially for my son-in-law who has many of the same likes and… 

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Bacon and Beer Hushpuppies #putsomepiginit

Bacon and Beer Hushpuppies – Kellis Kitchen

  Welcome to Bacon Month hosted by many bloggers and spearheaded by Julie at White Lights on Wednesday!  This month, every Tuesday and Thursday I will be posting a recipe featuring bacon and a giveaway.  How exciting!  This first recipe came to me a couple of weeks ago when my former co-worker and friend Kay… 

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