Tailgating Food

Tailgating Finger Food

After months of being notified that one of my pins had been repined, I finally decided to make the recipe. It looked good and sounded simple enough but I was afraid it might end up on a site like this hilarious one called Pintrosity. You can find it here: http://pinstrosity.blogspot.com/
My Tailgating food is from Plain Chicken Blog and the original recipe is here: http://plainchicken.ziplist.com/recipes/527632-Football_Friday_Bacon_Cheeseburger_Puffs?return_to=%2Frecipes%2Fsearch%3Fquery%3Dbacon%2Bcheeseburger%2Bpuffs
This recipe is my most repined recipe. 12 times just today! I added a few things but here’s my take on Steph’s recipe:

¾ Lb. Hamburger browning

1 package Oscar Meyer real bacon bits
1 two cup package of shredded cheese
1 ½ cups baking mix
1/8 Cup hot sauce
8 Table spoons butter milk

Here it is all in the bowl ready to be mixed.

Set the oven to 400 F and mix the ingredients until just mixed…..you may have to add some buttermilk.
I used my cookie scoop and put them 2 inches apart and bake 12 – 15 minutes although I baked mine 17 – 20 so check your oven temp!

Verdict? There is a very good reason this has been repined so many times. You are going to love them because they are easy to make and Mr. Picky-eater gave them the thumbs up!

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      Oops! I forgot to put that in because my time differed with Plain Chicken’s – her’s was 12-15 but mine took 17=20 minutes. Probably just the differences in ovens – my oven is about a year old and electric. Her’s might gas or something. Just watch them starting at 15 minutes and whenever they are golden brown, take them out.

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      Thank you! I love onion rings too and the combo (with ketchup for the rings and spicy mustard for the puffs) was great. We actually froze the leftover – made about 3 dozen, and will have them next saturday as part of gameday food. we really liked them and since neither of us care much for sausage balls – these were really great!

      • pamasaurus says

        I’m definitely going to have to make them, then!

        I love food that I can make a whole bunch of easily, freeze, and then just pull a few out here or there. It makes lunch time so much easier 😉

        • says

          yes it is! we call it that ambrosia of the South because we eat it on everything. I am a purist so I only like the from-the-package hidden valley ranch mix it up dressing, but it’s great on pizza, corn dogs, pepper poppers, just any darn thing! :)

          • pamasaurus says

            I’m not a southerner, but apparently I eat like one. I use the prebottled Hidden Valley, and put it on everything and anything. I get weird looks when I put it on pizza… but they just don’t realize what deliciousness they’re missing out on 😉

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      You are welcome! I found an old cookbook I used for my dad recently – he too was diabetic. There was this great recipe he liked in there. I’m going to make it and post it soon – just for you! I’ll make sure you know when I do so you can try it! :)

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      Thank you so much! All of you! you all will never know how positively you and the others from Team Weekend Potluck have affected my little blog! I love each and every one of you. And as soon as I can eat regular food again, I am going t make those Korean noodles – they look fantastic!

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    I was wondering if instead of adding Biscuit mix, if you just use eggs to hold the “balls” together. Im wondering because I am on the Atkins diet and this recipe would be perfect for me just without the baking mix

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      I’m not sure that they would hold together as well and I’m sure you would have to adjust the cooking time – BUT, there’s really only enough bisquick to hold it together so I think you are on the right track with the egg! I always use that in my hamburger to hold my burgers together! If you try it, please let me know how it turns out!

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      Thank you! My husband is watching one of the games and just finished up the wings, fried pickles, AND this little hamburger balls………No supper for him! :) Thank you also for dropping by and please come back


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