Farmer’s Market and Fins Up!

See all that? We purchased those at the Farmer’s Market Yesterday. It was great! We saw so much and even though it was hot and muggy, we strolled around the market while I took these pictures.

Then we walked over to the Sweet –n—Sassy and had some donuts.

Today is father’s day and I would like to thank the man who gave me life:

And the man who gave me a life:

I am adopted by my dad as my biological father passed away when I was 6 months old. I have never heard anyone ever say a bad word about either one of them. Ever. They were both good men. I am very lucky to have had 2 good men for dad’s when many people don’t get one good one. I recognize how my life has been rewarded because of them both.

While Top Girl and I were smoke-drying much of the produce purchased yesterday, Mr. Picky-eater was busy on a couple of his DIY projects. Something new to do with old milk cans. Here are the before and after pictures:
Two Fins Up cans before:

Two Fins Up cans after: (Fins Up refers to Jimmy Buffett songs)

And one new OSU Milk Can table:

Hope you enjoyed Father’s Day!

Designed Decor
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    My brother used to go to a local (ish) farmers market and he used to buy smoked salmon, which was absolutely lovely with salad or new potatoes. But alas he has stopped going now due to work, which is such a shame as we loved it (despite it being a bit dearer than you’d pay in shops perhaps).

    Doughnuts are yummy aren’t they? I had my first doughnut (well mouthful) the other day, and wanted the whole lot of it!

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      Thanks Jen – I’ve been practicing taking pictures….Mr. Picky-eater has a degree in Journalism and took lots of classes in photography- so he’s given me a few pointers and then it helps to have his $1,000 camera to use!

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    Your farmers market looks lovely! You are very lucky to have had 2 good Dad’s. I got all misty reading that. I have a Dad like your Dad’s and the simple way you described their kindheartedness (that no one has ever said one negative thing about them) spoke volumes to me.

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    Well this is so unique! Thank You for posting..I’m always in the look out for one of these milk jugs…they are hard to find. Came hopping over from Design Decor party. Have a great weekend!

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      Thank you Lizy! We have them all over the place here. My husband makes seats with them using old tractor seats – THOSE are hard for us to find even though we are a farm state. But they still look great and the seats are very comfortable!

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