Meat Lovers French Onion Soup


I think y’all know how picky my husband is and honestly, he ate this only because he couldn’t find anything else in the house at the time. It’s supposed to rain Wednesday so this would be a perfect thing to make but it takes a L-O-N-G time so it’s more of a My-Day-Off-From-Work thing to… 

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Preparing for Chili & Stew


This little roll of stuff can be your best friend! Who doesn’t love a great bowl of chili or stew? Whether you are a carnivore, carnivale (chicken & turkey people), or vegetarian a good hot cowl of something lovely is great when it’s really cold outside. BTW, I was just kidding about the carnivale – I’m… 

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New! Recipe Index and More

First, I want to share this with you. My daughter thinks it’s funny. Since she has just made some updates to the blog I thought I would share it. Anyone a fan of Walking Dead? Our family is! Now, onto the updates! On the menu bar above you might notice some changes. I have a Recipe Index… 

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Prejean’s Famous Gumbo

When our oldest son was still an undergrad, he did a summer internship in Lafayette, LA. The hubs and I went to visit him during that summer and had the great privilege of eating at Prejean’s Restaurant. While there, I purchased their cookbook and every fall, that son requests I make gumbo during football season. I… 

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Stew Fresh from the Garden


It has been so hot for so long here, my husband and I have only had cold meals for the last 16 days. Yesterday morning I went to the garden and picked tomatoes, potatoes and onions. Those are about the only veggies making it through this heat wave/drought. While I really wanted a hot meal,… 

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