Guest Post: Garage Sale Tech Byte

Photograph From The Garage Sale Guide to Greatness

You can’t advertise your garage sale enough. You goal is to get as many customers to show up and buy your stuff, right? Many garage sale treasure hunters have gone high tech. If you don’t keep up you could miss out.

Another successful way to advertise [a garage sale] is through any of the common on-line sites such as Craigslist, yahoo yard sale and Facebook Marketplace.  The younger crowd shops online much more than they read ink and paper newspapers.  Using the two forms of media together, newsprint and online advertising, you’ll reach the largest number of people. One of the benefits to utilizing online resources is that many of them are free!  

Excerpt from The Guide to Garage Sale Greatness: 20 Keys to Success

So what’s out there? Listed below are some of my favorites. Some are for you if you are having a garage sale, others are for garage sale hunters, and some are for both!



Yard Sale Search

Facebook Market Place

Apps: These Apps help people find garage sales. 

Garage Sale Rover Free

Garage Sale Navigator




By Holli Hagan-Rice

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