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My Nana

How was your weekend? I hope everyone’s was wonderful. I spent the better part of yesterday taking pictures for my 2nd Nano-Canning eBook and putting the finishing touches on the next eBook to be published called, “Taking Care of Mom and Dad: A Baby Boomers Guide to Resources.”

Don’t forget I’m giving away 2 more Nano-Canning eBooks from now till June 16th. All you have to do is go here and follow the instructions:

I also did this really cool repurpose project. The best part of it is that is uses items I already had on hand for the most part. As most of you know, I am on Facebook as Kalamitykelli. One of the women on there has a business on Etsy and her Facebook page name is Beguilingvintage. She posted something early on that made me ask her if she had a good way to display hankies. She had several ideas and one struck a chord with me.

Mom had this stand sitting on our dining room table with beautiful wooden apples on it. I have the apples in a blue Fenton bowl on my dining room table now. Surprisingly, the very next weekend after I met Kari on Facebook, Mr. Picky-eater and I had some kind of marathon yard sale Saturday where we started at about 7 AM and went to after 2 PM which is something we NEVER do. But during that day, I found another one of those stands.

Then it was a matter of finding my nana’s hankies. There are nearly 100 hankies in every color you can imagine and also many silk head scarves. Mr. Picky-eater painted the black stands almond and let them dry overnight. This morning I finally found the bag and as I put them in the little slots I spent a little time reminiscing about this one or that one when nana would spit into it and clean my “dirty face” off….yuk! She always kept it tucked in her sleeve or in her dress pocket.

I was able to make 2, one for me and one for mom and mom is going to LOVE it! I’m on the lookout now for another stand for my daughter. I know there are Easter egg tree stands that would be perfect but it’s a little late in the year for that so maybe another yard sale will turn one up. Wouldn’t these be great for a wedding or bridal shower?

My friend Beth over at chicenvelopment – this year’s 4-H fundraiser! People just can’t get enough of them!!

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      Thank you! Our oldest son was state president and now sits on the 4-H foundation in our state. This was last year’s contribution to the fundraising auction! Thank you for dropping by and I will come over and visit – KK

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