My Collections

I thought it would be cool to share some of my many collections with you.  If you would like to add pictures of your collections, please do!  Have any questions?  Put them in the comments box!

40+ Year Old Astrology Glasses

As you will find out, I have a thing for glasses with pictures on them.  I don’t know why, but I do!  Luckily, we have a full library with built-in bookshelves that no longer hold books (because we have readers) and I am able to display my glasses – and other things – there.  I started this set of glasses in 1999 when my beloved Nana passed away.  When I was a little girl, she had one of those glasses in her cabinet.  I thought the gold was so pretty with milk poured in.  The stark white made the gold picture on front glisten as if it were real gold jewelry.  These are astrological sign glasses and the one my Nana had was “Virgo”.  I had no idea what a Virgo was but it was really pretty.  When Nana died, I asked for the glass.  Little by little I would find a glass here or there at an estate sale.  Luckily for me, most people didn’t have dishwashers back then so there is no fading on even a single glass.  My girl at MOD Squad Picking (!/ModSquadPicking ) found the final glass last spring.  I put colored tissue paper in the glasses so you can see the figures.  I don’t know where they came from so if YOU know, please tell me!  Go see MSP – she specializes in Mid-Century Modern items and they rock!

This is a collection of Indian motorcycles that I purchased at an antique mall in the tiniest of towns I happened to be passing through about 12 years ago.  I bought the Barbies to sit on the motorcycles because they fit really well and I thought they were cool.  There is a re-make of the original Malibu Barbie (which I owned as a kid), Grease Barbie, That Girl Barbie along with Superman a military Ken and then the girl with the dog in lavender.  I’ve had plenty of chances to sell them to eager collectors but I just cannot do it!  Enjoy!

This is our collection of novelty lighters.  Some of these can be very expensive but still retro-cool!

Some really groovy cups purchased from the MOD Squad Picker’s seemingly unending flow of exquisite Mid-Century Modern items!  Go visit her on Facebook.

These are some of my antique Mason Jars and how I display them with retro toys and game pieces.  I have these in my kitchen.

This is a rather bunched up photo of my full collection of warner brothers glasses put out by Pepsi in the early to mid-70’s.

These are McDonald’s, Burger King, Peanuts, Popeye, and Super Hero glasses.  They are all together because I am still working on these collections.  When they are each complete, I will display them separately.

Harley-Davidson Plates

These are my Harley-Davidson Plates.  Did I mention I have acquired all my collections at yard sale, flea markets, or from my buyer the MOD Squad Picker?


I know she’s only one and not REALLY a collection but she deserves her own status.  My Josie was the coolest of all my dolls!

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