Computer Problems?!?!?!

Are you having the same problems that I am with the computer? I finally got hold of someone at ATT&T who tells me there is a major DSL problem nationwide. They are working diligently to fix it, but they do not know when it will be back up and running. There is no access to my blog, Face Book, or just about any other personal websites on our work computers so I will be out of commission for a while. The minute it is fixed, I will be back! Thanks for understanding if I cannot reply to your comments or put up a new post for a while — try to keep cool if you are in the US and warm if you are in Austrailia!! See ya soon – KK

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    Whew! Was worried about you after seeing Norman in the news again this morning. It looks bad. Glad you’re okay–no internet problems here in New Mexico.

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      A few more set yesterday in homes outside the city limits! 2 within minutes of each other. Wish they would catch these people! Hopefully the Internet will be back up this evening.

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    Yes, I was caught in it too. Had no internet all day yesterday. I got a recording from AT&T that told me they were working on it, but late last night I got my connection. Today I’m trying to make my way through tons of e-mail…. Had a couple of urgent messages waiting for me…but for the most part it turned out to be a much needed day off for me. I actually got my studio cleaned up! Took a ton of old papers down to the garbage!

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      Glad you got yours back – our still down this morning. I took time to sit on our porch and watch it rain – than goodness! With these arsonists running around out state setting fires 3-4 per day, the rain at least helped curb some of the damage done. I hope we have the Internet back by tonight though – I have a post to make! :)

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    Kelli, so sorry to here this and just when we got you back in the group! Our DSL is going strong, my only current issue is bandwidth, with the kids out of school and my blogging/FB and Pinterest, we’re exceeding our limits, lol. Will watch for you to be back soon!

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      Still! No internet this morning. Hopeing today it will happen. At least I got a recipe made and photographed for the first change I get to get on at home! I believe the wildfires may have something to do with ours still being down. 3 more were set yesterday about 6 miles from my home….I hope they catch these people soon!

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